Welsh Baccalaureate (Bacc) (Submitted by Gower College Stuents' Union)

by NUS Wales Democracy Admin 20 January 2020, 10:05

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All of our A level provision in Gower College are required to partake in the Welsh Bacc, with our Oxbridge learners completing an extended project.


Many learners comment on it say that it is a burden. Although a minority of learners comment that it has some good features.  When asked, students usually said that they would have rather focus on what they come to college for and their A levels and not the Welsh Bacc course. There are students that give examples of learners giving up A level subjects because of the pressure on Welsh Bacc. Most students say that Welsh Bacc is simply a waste of time. This is a case where students feel like they are losing time and it is frustrating hearing students say how they are annoyed that they missed out on a GCSE or an A level.


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    Deleted User   wrote, 30-01-2020 - 15:17

    A brilliant policy which cuts to the core of stress, pressure and frustration amongst students that have to focus on Welsh Baccalaureate rather than their A levels.

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    Deleted User   wrote, 03-02-2020 - 13:53

    I'd say to possibly replace it with more useful life skills such as money management? Just an idea.

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    Deleted User   wrote, 04-02-2020 - 15:35

    I experienced the stress this causes, Schools/Colleges seem to worry more about this than the A Levels. If you want a Baccalaureate then maybe base it on the International One eg If a student is just doing Sciences then balance it with an Art subject or All arts with a Science . Study Skills would also be beneficial especially if preparing for Uni. But I also agree with Lisha life skills such as Money management, including bill paying etc. Budgeting, Menus on a Budget etc. These skills are useful regardless of the next step in the process.

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    Deleted User   wrote, 06-02-2020 - 09:30

    I agree with Lisha above.

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