Real training for real apprenticeships (Submitted by the National Society of Apprentices)

by NUS Wales Democracy Admin 20 January 2020, 12:11

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Apprenticeships are meant to be both a real job and a real education. Sadly too many apprentices in Wales don’t receive the enough proper formal training. Less than half of apprentices in Wales receive a day’s training a week and, shockingly, only 23% of women receive any training at all. This is the lowest rate in the UK – and half the rate in England. NSoA Wales doesn’t think it’s fair that Welsh women received less training than apprentices anywhere else in the UK.

Assessor visit apprenticeships can work but at the moment they aren’t working for welsh apprentice. 

We propose that apprenticeships for anyone under 25 should be delivered through day or block release. It would also help guarantee that apprentices have access to the mental health, advice and support services they need. 


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    Deleted User   wrote, 04-02-2020 - 15:20

    I fully support this. However is it not possible to have apprentices over 25 and if the support is available for them

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    Deleted User   wrote, 05-02-2020 - 13:53

    Agree with the submission. It can't be justified for Welsh women to receive half the rate of training as their counterparts in England. Do men also receive less training compared to the rest of the UK? I'm supportive of apprentices having access to all services they require, including mental health. Formal, practical training will clearly help with this.

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